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Other Catariums

Visit some other catariums / cat enclosures. I have listed a few here.

Catarium's videos & favorited videos
CatMax (video)
RAPS Sanctuary and Shelter

Richmond Animal Protection Society, located in British Columbia, Canada.  It's a cat sanctuary with a few rabbits too. Sanctuary has close to 1000 cats!

Whisker Watcher Pet Sitting
Light Hearted Press

Youtube video -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmBOJRwnbZY

Habitat Haven
Big Cat Rescue (How to get bird out of enclosure)

We have had to get birds ou tof our catarium as well. We lock cats in house first. Then using brooms we chase the bird until it's tired and cant fly. Grab them gently. And walk them outside. They havent yet flown out the open doors on their own.

Sallys Cat House

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