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How much did it cost?

Who cares as long as it looks good and works!

How often do your cats use it?


What is it made of?

Austin stone
cedar posts (4x4)
12x1 wood planks
sun-resistant netting
wood staples
pre-made cat walk
outdoor carpet

What are your cats' names?

Super Tiger (ST)
Brownie (passed away May 2007)
Sandy (feral. lives outside catarium)
Orangey (feral. lives outside catarium)

Any problems you encountered?

Leaves build up on top netting. For multiple cat households consider TWO cat doors and TWO cat walks. Otherwise, territory issues ensue. Consider adding another catarium to another side of the house as well IF some indoor cats run off by others.

Also, don't force sharing of Catarium becuase territorial "pay back" by dominants may happen - as it did us.

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