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Newsletter > Nona and the Catarium will be on cable TV
Nona and the Catarium will be on cable TV

A happy time here as Animal Planet taped
Nona, Joe and I, and the Catarium last
week! It's for the show CATS 101 and the
segment is the Nebelung breed.

Nona came into our lives off an Animal
Control Truck. The guy said she had been
trapped near a feral cat colony and bird
sanctuary (hence the trap.)

Her fur is soooooo fine and soft! Reddish
tints on her shoulders and when wet the
fur looks professionally crimped. We knew
she was special but never imagined she was
a rare pure breed! Read more about Nona
here: http://www.nebelungs.blogspot.com

Last month we lost our cat Chelsea and this
month Virgil's kidneys and pancreas are
keeping us guessing. So it was a nice relief
for one of kitties to be showered with such
positive attention!

Animal Planet will air the show with Nona in
late August or early September. I will let
you as soon as I know.

Nerissa Oden

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